Travelling to the Yarra Valley with fruit and vegetables

Travelling to the Yarra Valley with fruit and vegetables

Travellers should not bring fresh fruit or vegetables into the Yarra Valley from QFF areas. Help keep the Yarra Valley Free from QFF.

QFF infested fruit is hard to see. Carefully check inside for larvae (can be very small, 2 – 7mm long depending on the stage of their lifecycle). Eggs are even smaller (1 – 2mm) and mostly go unnoticed.

Fruit and vegetables can be eaten fresh before travelling into the Yarra Valley. All fruit and vegetables from known fruit fly areas should be processed (cooked or frozen) before bringing it to the Yarra Valley.

BAG and BIN any fruit and vegetable scraps responsibly. Do not compost any fresh waste or throw any scraps out the window! If it has QFF in it, it could infest the nearby fruit growing areas and destroy the region’s fruit production and insect biodiversity.

Infested fruit should be destroyed (boil or freeze). BAG and BIN any infested fruit.

Report any suspect QFF fruit or vegetables to the place of purchase, fruit and vegetable retailers in the Yarra Valley, local nurseries, or the QFF regional co-ordinator via the contact us page.

Travelling to Fruit Fly Free Areas

Travellers should not bring fresh restricted fruit or vegetable produce from any part of Victoria into the declared fruit fly free areas of South Australia, Western Australia & Tasmania.  

Processed (cooked or frozen and dehydrated) fruit and vegetables are ok.

All fresh fruit or vegetables grown in Victoria being carried with you as a traveller need to be eaten or surrendered at volunteer drop points BEFORE you get to interstate border check point.

In some cases, travellers from Victoria that ignore the disposal bins and arrive at the checkpoints with QFF host produce will be fined. Plan your trip to fruit fly free areas and do not stock up on or carry restricted fruit and vegetables into these areas.