Report Fruit Fly

Queensland Fruit Fly should be reported if found in fruit grown in the Yarra Valley.

The Regional QFF Co-ordinator can be reached via our contact page. Help is available. The Regional Co-ordinator will respond to your enquiry by phone, text or email.

Other ways to report QFF concerns are to the Yarra Ranges Council (general switchboard number), your local garden centre or community garden.

Commercial producers can work with their agronomist or fruit industry representatives, and should also report QFF directly to the Regional Co-ordinator.

Fruit purchased with QFF in it…

Fruit purchased from a shop with suspect QFF should be returned to store with a request that they provide feedback to the supplier. Do not compost any infested fruit. Responsibly treat and dispose of all fruit not returned.

Why report QFF?

The Regional Co-ordinator can help you manage the QFF issue, showing you what traps are available and how to use fruit fly control tools (bait, netting and fruit destruction). Risk assessments and plans for your property can be made for you to use in the response to QFF and in the future.

The Regional Co-ordinator informs others in the area about the QFF risk increasing. Your name, address and location will not be disclosed. A general area alert will be given to fruit growers and gardeners in your area, e.g. “A Queensland fruit fly has been detected in *town. Please activate or elevate your own QFF action plans”. Alerts issued are via social media, newspapers, agronomists, local councils, garden centres and alerts are sent directly to the fruit industry and commercial fruit producers.

People needing to take action to protect fruit from QFF can elevate their action plan with these early warnings and this can prevent the QFF establishment in the area.

The Yarra Valley action plan is part of the “Managing Fruit Fly in Victoria 2021-2025 Regional Action Plans”

QFF damage