Commercial Growers

TIPS from the Yarra Valley QFF Regional Co-ordinator if QFF has been detected near you.

Install or refresh lures in QFF traps.
Apply QFF bait regularly around the whole farm.
Improve production area hygiene.

Use the weekly monitoring information about the QFF risk to make changes to your QFF action plan.  The Regional Co-ordinator, an industry representative or an agronomist may inform you of QFF in the area.
Use this check list here to help you reduce the risk of QFF to your crop.

Area Wide Management of QFF is required for effective QFF control.
It is crucial to check in with your neighbours, and all of those along your produce supply chain (imports and exports).

Always seek your own farm or business agronomy advice and always follow label directions!

A detailed list of Control options can be found here. Tools available in the QFF management toolbox allow for a suite of actions to deliver a multi-pronged approach that’s required for managing QFF populations, incursions or outbreaks.

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